What Do I Get Out of College?

You will gain knowledge. College students acquire skills and expertise in subjects that excite them. They learn how to think critically and express their thoughts.
You will expand your horizons. College life is full of opportunities to meet new friends, interact with experts in different fields and gain hands-on learning and work experience.

How Do I Benefit?

You will secure your future. Higher education is associated with better working conditions, more promotion opportunities and job stability.
You will widen your career opportunities. More and more jobs require education beyond high school.
You will increase your earning capacity. A person with a college degree has the potential to earn more than a person without one.

How CALSOAP Can Help

In addition to one-on-one advising and occasional presentations about college, CALSOAP also provides students with online resources to further support their academic endeavors.
– CA Colleges
– Common Application
– CSU Mentor
– UC Office of the President
– California Community Colleges
– College Preparation Myths
– Additional Information

Whatever your destination, college can help you get there — even if you don’t know where “there” is yet. Whether you’ve mapped out a long-term plan or you see new possibilities every day, college can help you become your future self.