What Does it Mean to Work at CalSOAP?

CalSOAP has been in existence for over 30 years in the Santa Barbara County. Working with CalSOAP means that you will be working for a program that collaborates with a team of partners and advisors to provide quality college prep services in the Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Carpinteria areas. It also means that you will part of a wider network of CalSOAP Consortia throughout California that have been serving the state for almost 40 years.

How Do I Benefit?

Working with CalSOAP is an opportunity to assist, motivate, and support college-bound students. Many of our student workers and office staff use their time with CalSOAP to jump start the course of their careers. It is a way to gain experience in the education field especially for those who are considering becoming teachers, school administrators or counselors. CalSOAP staff and tutors gain skills, knowledge and connections necessary for an auspicious career.

Who Will I Be Working With?

You will be working with a group of dedicated professional educators and youth service providers. Additionally, you will be working with a population of students on the cusp of beginning their occupational futures in educational pursuits. You will work in assisting students and parents who look to you as a resource for academic success.

Current open positions:


Santa Barbara Cal-SOAP (California Student Opportunity and Access Program) is always looking for dedicated professionals that meet the following:

  • Interest in education/advising/academic counseling/advocacy
  • Professional attitude
  • Team work: working together to accomplish program mission
  • Leading by example: provide guidance, role model, be punctual, and be responsible
  • Highly organized and good time management skills
  • Communication: listen and provide feedback
  • Knowledge of FAFSA, CADAA, UC/CSU/Common application process

Where Do I Apply?

Interested in a CalSOAP (CommUnify) staff position? Click here.

Interested in a CalSOAP Tutor position? Click here.